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Contributed Speakers


  • Parallel sessions: 15 min presentation (English)
  • Special Sessions: 15-20 min presentation (English)
  • Posters dimensions: Portrait only 80 cm x 120 cm maximum (mandatory due to the pannels format)


Special Sessions

SS1: Statistical approaches to drought risks and extreme precipitation assessment
September 10th
Elsa Moreira  (CMA and FCT-UNL, Portugal)
Ana Paulo: Use of SPI and precipitation thresholds for drought assessment under long-term precipitation variability
Andreia Ribeiro:
Seasonal drought predictability in western Iberia using statistical-dynamical techniques
Diogo Martins
Trend Analysis of Drought Extremes in Iberian Peninsula Using SPI
Dora Gomes
Statistical modelling of spatial extremes: An application to extreme precipitation

SS2: Aeronautical Meteorology
September 11th
João Neves (DAT-ULHT, Portugal)
João Neves:
João Alexandre Corte-Real: Commemorative lecture

SS3: Climate impacts on Environment and agro-forestry systems
September 12th
João A. Santos (CITAB, Portugal)
João A. Santos: Climate change challenges for European and Portuguese viticulture
Samantha Hughes: The Water Framework Directive: developing a model to predict the ecological status of surface waters
Paula Arnaldo: Climate Change and the Pine Processionary moth in the Northeastern Portugal







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